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Studying(WIreless Predictive Diagnosis & Maintenance System for machine monitoring
Providing wireless monitoring & Engineering service to customer.

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Wireless data transmitter


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Hyosung Spandex PU

※ PU stands for Performance Unit.

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Hyosung Carbon business division.


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Factory System for Tele-Acquisition & data Research

FactorySTAR® is wireless sensor-based Predictive Diagnosis System for equipment maintenance

Structure of FactorySTAR®

System Configuration

System Configuration

FactorySTAR® consists of 3 Levels, Wireless Sensor Module (Level 0), Gateway(Level 1), Monitoring Software (Level 2)

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This one is collecting data acquired by each Sensor Modules and transmitting data to Monitoring Software.

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Wireless Sensor Module

Installed on the major machines/equipment to be monitored, Sensor Module acquires raw data (temperature/vibration or temperature/humidity) periodically and transmits data to Gateway

Sensor Module (Temp/Vib) Sensor Module (Temp/Hum)

Monitoring Software

Web-based Monitoring & diagnosis program which is optimized to demonstrate the data along with the data trend (in graphs) acquired by sensor module.
Users can easily review & analyze the machine status and can set up the equipment maintenance plan.

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Core competence of FactorySTAR®

Realizing 3-Low Costs

Adopting standard wireless telecommunication technology, FactorySTAR® doesn't need installation construction.
This leads to Low-Investment, Low Installation cost, Low-maintenance.

Web-Based Easy, Convenient User Interface

Limitless accessability, no need for installation program.

Stable & Convenient System

Various working field's requirement reflected through long period of filed test.

Realized by Korean Technology

Trusted Korean Technology

Excellent Extendability.

Adopting IOT technology, FactorySTAR® enables excellent extendability.

Mobile Connected Service

Convergence to mobile device through FactoryBook®

Optimized for PdMS

Pretty well designed to fit with TPM(Total Productive Maintenance) activity. *PdMS (Predictive Maintenance System)

Reasonable Smart Factory

Coping with Korean Government's new strategy "Manufacturing Innovation 3.0". FactorySTAR® realizes Smart Factory.

Mobile Connected Service for FactorySTAR®

Main Function

Message Push Service

Notifies to user in the event of warning/alarm.

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Real-time Check up Service

Data fluctuation trend can be checked

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Information Sharing service

Sharing maintenance history among users & equipment managers